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OOC: Contact Post

Post here if you've got something to say. Or get me through email at grinninglikea at gmail dot com.

Orders for cinnamon rolls taken daily. Individual cherry tarts and Death of Marat only by special request, and if I like you enough.

My mun is trying to torture me.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


There's a reason I always say life's too short for fancy decorating, and it's...okay, it's not that I would ever write out '("Olynpic Rings")' on a cake - what is wrong with people? It's that...okay, I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought staring in horror at the pregnant-belly cakes. Aiee.

On another note, it appears there's fanart of me.

...Con's a lot thinner than that. A lot thinner, especially when he's starving like he was when we met, there. And I don't even know how much hair goop it would take to make me look all...sleek and fluffy like that, but suffice to say it's never ever happened.

Your result for The Alignment Test...


74% Good, 46% Chaotic

Plane of Existence: Elysium, "Blessed Fields," "The Happy Hunting Grounds". Description: The plane of peace. Notable Inhabitants: Guardinals - noble immortal humanoids with bestial features.

Examples of Neutral-Goods (Ethically Neutral, Morally Good)

Cloud Strife (FFVII)

Boogenhagen (FFVII)

Mother Theresa


Sidhartha Gautama (the Buddha)


Bilbo & Frodo Baggins

Samwise Gamgee

Indiana Jones

The Dali Lama

Ben (O-Bi-Wan) Kenobi

Luke Skywalker

Harry Potter



Often goes along with the laws and desires of the group as being the easiest course of action, but ethical considerations clearly have top priority. May pursue quite abstract goals. Often aloof and difficult to understand.

Will keep their word to others of good alignment

Would not attack an unarmed foe

Will not use poison

Will help those in need

May work with others

Indifferent to higher authority

Indifferent to organizations

Neutral Good "Pure Good"


A neutral good [person] will obey the law, or break it when he or she sees it will serve a greater good. He or she is not bound strongly to a social system or order. His or her need to help others and reduce their suffering may take precedence over all else. Neutral good [people] do good for goodness' sake, not because they are directed to by law or by whim.

This alignment desires good without bias for or against order.

Other Alignments and Tendencies (Tendenices are what you would more often sway towards; esp. for Neutrals):

0-39% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Evil

0-39% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Evil

0-39% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Evil

40-60% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Neutral

40-60% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: True Neutral

40-60% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Neutral

61-100% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Good

61-100% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Good</i>

Take The Alignment Test at HelloQuizzy


So, for this Yuletide story exchange thing my mun wrote about me.

Brought to Light

It's about what happened in the next couple months after my book ended, which, considering for the most part it was pretty much just 'not as much as you'd expect, except for me bouncing off the walls with anxiety' doesn't seem like that much of a story, but oh well. Anyway, that's what was going on just before I found my way here, if you're interested.

Someone else did a story about me too, which is pretty much exactly right as well. My mun says she's very impressed.


And it's very weird to look back at all that without thinking about the people I've met here. It does really kind of make me homesick, but at least around here I get to sleep occasionally.
There's a new book coming out that looks interesting. In honor of my psychic cousin, who (for what I trust are good reasons, not that I should talk given, you know, Con and all) adopts a dragon, I have ventured into a dungeon. Except not really.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Grumpy Sunshine!

I looted the Wand of Deer, the Sceptre of Sofs, the Dagger of Trashy Old Pre-wars Novels, the Sword of Wards, the Armour of Fairy Tales and 0 gold pieces.

Score: 25

Explore the Dungeon of Grumpy Sunshine and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

You find yourself in a circular crypt. You notice a chiselled epitaph to yeast.

"Here lies John Yeast:
Pardon me for not rising."

(Oh gods, why are the worst jokes the easiest ones to remember and pass on?)

Your Score: Eddie Munster!

Our test has determined that you possess
48% Hellbentness, 7% Sanguinity, and 51% Creeps!
Well done!

Our fabulous and perfect test has determined that your Proto-Goth Icon Match(tm) is Eddie Munster!

Edward Wolfgang Munster is a perfectly normal eight-year-old werewolf in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit. Unfortunately, other kids sometimes call him nasty names because of his pointy ears, fangs, green skin and prominent widow's peak (inherited from his grandfather).

Eddie has written (in blood) an award-winning composition entitled "My Parents, an Average American Family." But Herman and Lily have many other reasons to be proud of Eddie as well. He has won several ribbons for track at school, he plays the trumpet and he has a special talent for opening tin cans with his ears. What they don't like, however, is Eddie's bad habit of chewing his nails- not the kind on your fingers, but the ones you find at a hardware store.

Eddie has his own little group of friends. There's his mechanical brother, Boris the Robot (created by Grandpa) and his favorite werewolf doll, Woof Woof. He also has several pets, including Elmer, a snake living under the garbage pail in the back yard, Spot, a fire-breathing dragon, a cat with the roar of a lion and an unnamed raven who cries "Nevermore" and "Tuesday Weld."

Link: The what Proto-Goth Icon are you? Test written by anastasia_x on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

3. One fine night, you are out about town with your partner and you both have been flirting madly the past hour or two. They mention an interest in some bloodletting- what is your response?

a. "Oh, I'm don't know, I'm not really into that."
b. "Hmmm... maybe. Whose blood are we talking about?"
c. "Blades, or teeth?"
d. I'd have brought the subject up myself long before now!

Why is there not an option (e): freak the hell out...because seriously, am I dying again?

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself: "Things can work out even if I don't get my way. Things can work out even...."
Take this quiz!

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Jun. 8th, 2007

Your Score: Katharine Hepburn

You scored 16% grit, 23% wit, 52% flair, and 23% class!

You are the fabulously quirky and independent woman of character. You go your own way, follow your own drummer, take your own lead. You stand head and shoulders next to your partner, but you are perfectly willing and able to stand alone. Others might be more classically beautiful or conventionally woman-like, but you possess a more fundamental common sense and off-kilter charm, making interesting men fall at your feet. You can pick them up or leave them there as you see fit. You share the screen with the likes of Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant, thinking men who like strong women.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the
Classic Leading Man Test.

Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

If I have an afternoon engagement, I would dress...
d. in my own chic style

Guess that's one way of putting it.

18. Children should be...
a. seen and not heard; if possible, not even seen
b. loved and nurtured, even in the middle of a murder mystery
c. just as sarcastic as I am
d. my siblings or neighbors

This needs a "b, c, and d" option.


What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?

Is anyone surprised?

Also, apparently I'm the inspiration for someone else's cinnamon rolls! I'm not sure about the raisins in lieu of frosting - gobs of frosting is a big part of the sell for my Cinnamon Rolls As Big As Your Head. And I really don't approve of this part-baked frozen thing, although I recognize that not everyone has the will or ability to make vast quantities of dough every day. I'm still very, very flattered.
Here's the orange juice-drinking scene from the end of Sunshine. For reference's sake, Sunshine and her vampire companion have just overcome the bad guys (and taken showers to get rid of all the blood and muck), but the whole experience was so gruesome and traumatic and outside of anything Sunshine thinks should be in her experience that she's wondering if she'd rather have not survived.

So of course her first move is towards the stove.Collapse )



It seems pretty pointless to me, but I'll agree that it's not like I've got so much more to do with my time.

You Are an Excellent Cook

You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.
It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...

c. Mexican-Japanese fusion spicy sushi with fried mac and cheese

If this would count towards my final score, the writer of this quiz should be shot.

And on that subject:

You Are 63% Misanthropic

Here's the truth: Most people suck. You are just lucky enough to know it.
You're not ready to go live alone in a cave - but you're getting there.

8. You often think that the human race is doomed.

What if relevant authorities have told you so?

Globenet, continual source of good cheer. Oh, well, at least this guy seems to have the right idea about breadmaking.


Semi-OOC: Dizzy Land Hot List

Since everyone else was doing it, and since...well, she's the only one I was even going to try to push into answering...

Sunshine fancies...Collapse )


I picked Maggie Gyllenhaal as a PB for Sunshine because she she was the closest fit I could find for my mental image of the character. There aren't a lot of actresses out there...or even random models with publically available photos...who have the right kind of smart, wiry, possibly-attractive-but-definitely-not-ordinarily-glamourous looks. I felt quite proud of myself for making the association.

Except, I found, there are damn few pictures out there of Miss Gyllenhaal doing anything but smiling. And the ones where she's making anything resembling a grumpy!face are usually the ones where she's wearing five pounds of makeup and odd designer outfits. Which are usually black. Sunshine hates black, canonically.

Therefore we must all sing the praises of hangingfire for sending me screencaps of Maggie as an angry baker. With a bandanna over her hair, even!

I had meant to sound huffy but it came out sounding like a person about to fly into the ozone layer and loop the loop. Damn.Collapse )