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I picked Maggie Gyllenhaal as a PB for Sunshine because she she was the closest fit I could find for my mental image of the character. There aren't a lot of actresses out there...or even random models with publically available photos...who have the right kind of smart, wiry, possibly-attractive-but-definitely-not-ordinarily-glamourous looks. I felt quite proud of myself for making the association.

Except, I found, there are damn few pictures out there of Miss Gyllenhaal doing anything but smiling. And the ones where she's making anything resembling a grumpy!face are usually the ones where she's wearing five pounds of makeup and odd designer outfits. Which are usually black. Sunshine hates black, canonically.

Therefore we must all sing the praises of hangingfire for sending me screencaps of Maggie as an angry baker. With a bandanna over her hair, even!

It's from Will Ferrell's new movie, which appears to be basically the same plot as The Dark Half. Only cute and adorable! Because it's Will Ferrell! *sigh*

Anyway, apparently one scene features baker!Maggie throwing a fit and shrieking at Will to get out of her kitchen.
Oh no you didn't

Let me tell you just how dead you are, bitch


And then she throws a ball of dough at the wall in her rage. As you do.
Hulk throw!

hangingfire suggests that an animated icon of her throwing the wad of dough would be really excellent; I agree, and pout at her for suggesting it when neither of us have the capability to make such a thing.

Anyway. Thought I'd stick them all up to admire them here. They really are cool. Sunshine wouldn't have the tattoo, because in her world tattoos have magical properties and are on the somewhat-shady side legally. Sorcerers tend to have a lot, and they tend to be into fairly fishy stuff. So do bikers, of course (see: boyfriend Mel). Anyway, the only other difference I see is that Sunshine would be wearing some eye-popping color like electric blue for her shirt, instead of the grey. Otherwise, spot on. ^_^

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. Not quite satisfied with my latest iconning effort...hm. Oh, and there's also the "WTF?" icon she made.


How am I already at my userpic limit for this character? It's not faaaaair!


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