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Here's the orange juice-drinking scene from the end of Sunshine. For reference's sake, Sunshine and her vampire companion have just overcome the bad guys (and taken showers to get rid of all the blood and muck), but the whole experience was so gruesome and traumatic and outside of anything Sunshine thinks should be in her experience that she's wondering if she'd rather have not survived.

I was frying eggs when he came out, looking very exotic in my kimono. I stood there holding a skillet with three beautifully fried eggs in it and said miserably, "I can't even feed you." How I'd organized my entire life: feeding other people. I heard what I was saying--or what I was saying it to--a moment after the words came out, but his gaze did not waver.

"I do not eat often. I do not need food."

I shook my head. I'd narrowly avoided mental breakdown as a result of facing ancient all-consuming evil, and now I was about to lose it over giving a vampire breakfast. I felt tears prickling at my eyes. This was ridiculous. "I can't eat in front of you. It's so...I feed people for a living. If I don't do it I'm a failure. I identify as a feeder of..."

"People," said Con. "I am not a person."

I'd just been having this conversation with myself in the bathroom. "Yes you are," I said. "You're just not, you know, human."

"Your food grows cold," said Con. "It is better hot, yes?"

I shook my head mutinously. He was right, though, it was a pity to ruin such ravishing eggs.

"I will drink with you," said Con.

"Orange juice?" I said hopefully. It had to have calories in it. Water didn't count.

"Very well. Orange juice."

I moved three white roses out of one of my nice glasses, gave it a quick wash, and poured orange juice in it. It was one of the tall ones with gold flecks. Silly thing to drink juice out of. I didn't see him drink, but nearly half a gallon of orange juice disappeared while I ate my eggs and two toasted muffins and a scone. (What a good thing that it hadn't occurred to me to empty my refrigerator before I died.) Did that mean he liked it, or was this his demanding standard of courtesy again?

"What does it taste like?" I asked.

"It tastes like orange juice," he said, at his most enigmatic.

How was I planning on defining us-on-the-right-side, anyway? Con had been on the right side as compared to Bo. Con was still a vampire. He still...

I did the dishes in silence while Con sat in his chair. The kimono made him look very zen, sitting still doing nothing.



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Mar. 9th, 2007 11:25 am (UTC)
That is ten kinds of adorable. ^_^ And Con is hilarious and awesome.

Yeah, it's totally clear now: that will be the easiest way to get Fett's armor off. If she gets upset, he would take off the helmet and eat to calm her down. XD
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