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OOC: World, Life Story, Powers

This was originally part of the profile page, but I looked at it just before apping and went, "tl;dr." So I stuck it here.

Rae Seddon, born Raven Blaise, and nicknamed "Sunshine," is the main character of the eponymous novel by Robin McKinley. Which apparently gets no love from Wiki: one paragraph for the whole book, and a further two sentences of McKinley waffling about whether there'll ever be a sequel.

Since the background is actually pretty thick in this book, I figured I'd better explain some things.

I never heard them coming. Of course you don't, when they're vampires.Collapse )


The sun shines. Birds twitter in the trees...or rather, since they're mostly sparrows, twitter while hopping around looking for fallen stale popcorn. And out of nowhere, a young woman appears completely naked in the thin air, and promptly falls flat on her face (and other portions of her anatomy) on the concrete of the entrance. There's just enough time for her to yelp.

She sits up, and tries to cover herself with her hands while looking frantically around. She's a skinny medium-tallish girl of about twenty-five, with messy hair and an expression habitually set to "fierce."

When Mickey offers his hand, she pretty much just stares. Rudeness to cartoon mice, she thinks, is more or less understandable under the circumstances.

It was a dumb thing to do but it wasn't that dumb.Collapse )
((From Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. Taken a few weeks after the novel's end.))

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